Missionary Projects Update

20-foot Boat
As part of the Pacific Islanders way of life, trade fishing is an integral part of their survival and trading activities. Thus, God had blessed the efforts and generosity of one of the Coptic Orthodox Church members to donate a 20-foot boat that will be used for such purposes. Through all your prayers, the boat will be a source of employment to a few of the church members and the fish will be sold both locally, providing much needed financial support to families and the church, and assist the poor.
The boat has currently cleared customs and is awaiting registration. Once registered it will released in the ocean with its fishermen.

Church members have paid the much-awaited visit to our Orthodox brothers in Tavaeuni, where a holy liturgy was prayed and visited the congregational members. Furthermore, through the support and guidance of His Grace, renovations to the villageís prayer hall has resumed, where by Godís Grace, St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church will be established to provide spiritual and social services to its members in Tavaeuni.
Furthermore, the Chief of the Village has kindly agreed to grant the Coptic Church a 3-acre beachfront land to establish the church and further church buildings and activities. He also agreed to provide us with preference of land once the new subdivision takes place on his land. In addition to this, the contract of the duration of the land is for 99 years.