Mission in the Church

Organised groups, individuals, monks, clergymen, merchants, soldiers and devout women from Egypt went out to almost every part of world and spread the Gospel. Pantaenus is well known for his work in India . The School of Alexandria sent out missionaries to pagan tribes in Libya, Phrygia, Sinai, Arabia Felix, the Thebaid and Upper Egypt. Christianity was first introduced into Ethiopia by Egyptian merchants through their commercial and maritime relations, and into the Sudan in the 6th century.

In Europe, Saint Athanasius founded a church in Belgia during one of his exiles. In Switzerland, the Theban Legion, led by Saint Maurice, watered the land with the blood of their martyrdom when they refused to sacrifice to the gods; hence the place was named Saint Moritz. Felix, his sister and their friend spread the Gospel in Zurich, and the official seal of the country of Zurich still bears the picture of these three Coptic evangelists. In Ireland, seven Coptic monks were among the pioneers of the Faith, and left many traces in the life and art of the people; three manuscripts in the Royal Academy of Dublin confirm this.

By the grace of God, the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria has successful mission activities in various parts of the world, such as:

Africa - 33 churches in 9 African countries. The first Coptic Orthodox Churches were established in eastern Africa- Kenya in 1976 and then in southern Africa- Johannesburg in 1992
Churches have also been established in Thailand, Japan and Singapore as well as Bolivia, Brazil and Mexico

Fiji – a new church has been established in the city of Suva for the new Fijian converts to Coptic Orthodoxy. Fr. Mark Attalla has been appointed as the mission priest to serve the congregation of St. Mark church.