What Does COCM Do?

Under the guidance of His Grace Bishop Suriel and the Diocese of Melbourne’s newly appointed priest for mission work, currently there are many projects that are underway. Some of which are:
  1. Running vocational training programmes in basic computer skills to help our young unemployed youth become more employable
  2. Donate computers to less fortunate families who can not afford to buy them and provide skills to aid them in education and religious studies
  3. Lease land to build a 2nd church on the Island of Taviuni to cater for the families who have already been baptised there and to cater for the growing needs of that island
  4. Some members of the Coptic Orthodox community do not have mobile phones, an initiative has been introduced to provide these church members with mobile phones which will allow the parish priest to contact them more readily
  5. Purchase of boats for fishing which will not only employ many people but also generate an income for mission activities
Currently there is a medical rotation utilizing registered doctor’s from the Diocese who visit and conduct mission work. We would like to build a register for other professionals and skilled tradesmen, for example, builders, plumbers, etc. who would be interested in joining such a program to help by volunteering their skills. We have already built a home for a family who was homeless (5 children). COCM intends to build various homes and shelters for underprivileged families in the South Pacific.